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16Lao is a global navigation network, and it is also the only navigation network that serves all the countries of the world.It supports 18 languages, and brings together all global main websites. What's more, it builds sites in 240 countries(including the special areas) and even the extremely cold Antarctic also has independent website. 16Lao navigation network nearly covers all the world and links with 258 golbal websites.

About us

About 16Lao

16Lao is a global navigation website, and the only navigation website that serves the whole world. Offering 18 languages for users’ choice, 16Lao collects in one place major websites from every country around the world. We have set up sites in 240 countries and regions (including special regions) and we even have an independent site in the extremely cold Antarctica, hence covering basically the whole world. What’s more, we have linked with 258 global websites.

To view the whole world through one web is the primary feature of 16Lao.

Our goals

We strive to build the world’s greatest navigation website to cover the whole world and serve the whole humanity; we always serve our users in line with globalization, localization, intellectualization and simplification.