It fails to set as homepage

Your brower doesn't support setting by one key


16Lao is a global navigation network, and it is also the only navigation network that serves all the countries of the world.It supports 18 languages, and brings together all global main websites. What's more, it builds sites in 240 countries(including the special areas) and even the extremely cold Antarctic also has independent website. 16Lao navigation network nearly covers all the world and links with 258 golbal websites.


1. Set 16Lao as your homepage with the following browsers. (Click the icons to learn)

Safari IE Chrome Firefox

2. Getting trouble by usual methods when setting 16Lao as your homepage? Try the following steps.:

  • 1) The computer maybe contaminated with malicious programs. Use anti-virus software and restart your computer after overall checking.

  • 2) Remove relevant desktop browser shortcuts (such as 16Lao browser shortcut), use security software system to repair, scan computer fully.

  • 3) Start--Program--Frequently used browsers (such as 16Lao browser)--Right-click-- Send to the Desktop Shortcut--Right click desktop browser--Attribute-- Shortcut-- Add " space www. 16Lao. com " to Input Box after Target-- Confirm.

3. The Search box does not work properly.

  • 1). Search directly in the search engine to see whether it is normal.

  • 2). Clear browser cache.

  • 3) Check it with a Non-IE core browser, such as 16Lao browser.

4. Some websites and foreign ones cannot be opened.

  • 1). Check the link.

  • 2). Usually it is related to web server or incompatible broadband such as wireless broadband.

5. Errors in page display.

  • 1). Check your network.

  • 2). Refresh the page.

  • 3). Clear browser cache.

  • 4). Check it with a Non-IE core browser, such as 16Lao browser.

6. The page font is too large or too small.

  • 1). Hold down the Ctrl key, and meanwhile roll the mouse wheel up and down and adjust to 100%.

  • 2). Hold down the Ctrl key, press the number " 0 " Key and adjust automatically to 100%.

7. The mailbox cannot be logged in.

  • 1). Check the email account and password.

  • 2). Refresh the page.

  • 3). Clear browser cache.

  • 4). Try another browser(such as 16Lao browser).

8. Weather and personalized settings can not be saved.

  • Step one: Click the “Tools ”menu at the top of the browser and choose “Internet Option”.

  • Step two: Select " Privacy " tabs , and turn the level to " Medium " or " Low ".

  • Step three: Click “Confirm” and complete the setup.